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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tokyo bay watches

The Quenttin

The Five Time Zone Watch

Breitling Emergency Watch

Coming soon
jaquet droz watches

Playstation ps3 Return of the rumble

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Since the release of the ps3 every body's favorite feature has been missing ,thats right the rumble feature .rumors and speculation has been circulating the internet about how the feature is returning after sony settled patents disputes .but the return of the rumble was later confirmed when Game Director (Cory Barlog)for God of War says the the sequel will have vibration.

The world's greatest r kelly

Monday, March 12, 2007

R. Kelly "I'm a Flirt" fea. T-Pain & TI

That new Play Station Portable2 is coming

There rumors going around saying that the new Playstation portable 2 is coming out later this year. And it official announcement will most likely hit at E3 with Sony unveiling the redesigned portable system along with its launch date. The new design will have:

• Internal flash memory 8GB(no need for psp memory stick)
• even prettier screen
• improved buttons
• faster load times
• touch screen
• Integrated camera and still use UMDs.

Time to Get Buck

Is Death Row Dead?

Suge Knight supposedly wants to shut down Death Row Records, the label he founded in 1991 with Dr. Dre. After talking with spiritual leaders, the 400 pound rap mogul apparently has decided it's time to close the label (which has been struggling financially) and move forward. "I want to take care of the creditors," he says. "I'm saying I don't want to keep living in the past, with the negativity."
New York Post