Monday, September 17, 2007

Diplomats clean-up man Hell Rell is ready to show the world why he’s the next to blow out of his Harlem crew. SOHH recently caught up with the Dips’ street enforcer as he broke down the science behind his new disc, For The Hell Of It, and his feelings on Dipset Capo Jim Jones cozying up with Cam’ron’s rival 50 Cent.

When Jones appeared alongside 50 Cent on BET’s "Rap City" earlier this week, in a show of support and respect for the G-Unit boss, Rell didn’t approve.

"However people want to interpret that, they can interpret it that way, but my loyalty lies with Cam and I would never sleep with the enemy," he says. " Jim is an executive, he can do what he wants to do. That don’t mean I have to agree with it. But there’s no problem between us. We are a movement. It’s not based on one artist. We can all function on our own. We’re not on the decline, business is just getting much deeper."

Building off the momentum that his Dipset family has undoubtedly set in motion, Hell Rell is ready to step into the forefront with his new album, For The Hell Of It.

"This is a New York street album," Rell told SOHH. "That’s how I’m doing things, I’m coming with that hardcore, grimy flow. I’m catering to my hardcore fans, they know what I do out here."

The album, which features guest spots from the entire DipSet roster as well as Young Dro and Styles P, will also be followed up with a book by the same name that details the atmosphere and environment that inspired each song on the album.

"Every chapter of the book is a name to a song on my album" Rell explains. "Have you ever wondered what Marvin Gaye was thinking when he made ‘What’s Going on?’ There was a war going on and all of these different things, what was going on in his head? I pretty much wrote out a blueprint of what was going on for each record, where I was, what was happening, my whole thought process. A lot of people might not like certain records, but they’ll be able to understand what I was going through on each one."

With several other projects in the works, including a collaborative album with Cam’ron tentatively titled Uptown Boys, and his own label, Top Gunners, Rell is definitely striking while the iron is hot. He also has a few tips for those in the industry who want to be smart and avoid the same fate as MC Hammer.

"You gotta be around young, black entrepreneurs, you have to invest your money," Rell said. "Nobody wants to be on VH1 talking about, ‘Where are they now.’ You gotta capitalize on lucrative business opportunities and stay focused. I always have more than one means of income."

For The Hell Of It is set to hit stores on September 25 on Koch Records.

Source: SOHH

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