The Geek Squad from Best Buy

Friday, April 13, 2007

A "Geek Squad" tech support guy making a house call in Southern California's City of Industry (near Los Angeles) was caught using his camera phone to video the daughter of a customer while she was IN THE SHOWER. The geek in question, named Hao Kuo Chi, used the customer's bathroom before fixing a broken PC. He left his camera phone on "record" in the bathroom. One of the two girls who lives in the house (a minor) took a shower. When she saw the phone, she told her sister, who grabbed the removable flash card and RAN TO THE NEAREST VERIZON STORE to see the video Hao Kuo Chi had recorded. They called the Sheriff, and the rest is history (especially Hao Kuo Chi's job and freedom -- he's facing two counts of invasion of privacy, and one count of child molestation). Heres the VIDEO!
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