bill gates owner of microsoft is going to space camp

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When every billionaire taking trips into place on the routine these days, it surely would be no problem for the worlds richest man to treat his astronomical fantasies, and now a Russian astronaut aboard the International Space Station claims that Microsoft father and Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire Bill Gates may be planning to do just that. In a consultation program from the ISS, Fyodor Yurchikhin repeated the assertions of new space tourist and onetime Gates colleague Charles Simonyi tell that Mr. Microsoft himself " is also preparing to visit space," although Space Adventures -- which organizes these cool expeditions -- says that it has had no link with Sir Bill then far. So in the absence of any formal language from the Gates himself, we can simply seem to the his personality for hints as to whether or not this wonderful voyage will go forth -- and seeing how there's already been an iPod in orbit, we're pretty certain that Bill wants a zune up there as well.